Australian Love Stories

The clever people over at Inkerman & Blunt have just released their second anthology of Australian writing. Last time it was love poems (including my poem ‘beatitude’] and this time around it’s love stories. My story ‘A Greek Tragedy’ is included in the collection, which was edited by the magnificent Cate Kennedy. I truly heart Inkerman & Blunt – both anthologies are themselves love declarations to the astounding talent that is buzzing around the Australian writing community. (And I’m not just saying that because they keep publishing me. I think we can all agree that this is only because somehow my mother has secretly found out their home addresses and has been sending them baked goods in return for publication favours. Obviously.)

5 thoughts on “Australian Love Stories

    1. Excellent stuff. Incidentally, it will be an exciting day all round when someone who is not related to me by blood/marriage comments on this site. We should definitely have a family dinner to celebrate.

      1. Hi Claire, you’re great writer. I did read your stories. however your book in which you gave me at Buala was still with me….cheers! Alf TABO..

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