So I got a literary agent. *Tosses hair calmly over shoulder and sips latte as that comment floats casually across the cafe brunch table that is this site.*

I am now proudly represented by the good people at Curtis Brown. I mean, I don’t know if they are proud to be representing me but I’m certainly proud that they are. So is my mum. And that covers pretty much everyone I know.

This is exciting. So exciting that I have given this site an ‘upgrade’ (ie changed the theme, added a couple of new pages and possibly deleted some crucial html that will come back to haunt me later). So now it looks either ‘more professional’ or ‘more uglier’… I can’t tell if I either love it or loathe it, so I’ll settle with having a site that I feel middle-of-the-road about. Which is pretty good considering every time I login it proudly informs me that I am my #1 follower…

But back to that thing about having an agent – yeah!

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