celebrating women’s voices in the Western Pacific Region

I’m proud to have worked with the World Health Organisation’s Western Pacific Region Office on their recent publication Celebrating Women’s Voices in the Western Pacific Region: Leadership, Diversity and Health.

I was honoured to interview women from across the region about their work and experience as leaders in health and wellbeing, and their contributions towards gender equality in health across the Pacific.

towards gender transformative change

A few months ago I had the pleasure of speaking as part of a panel hosted by Women’s Health Victoria exploring engaging men and masculinities as part of gender transformative work. The panel was part of a full day forum that also included the launch of a resource I co-developed with the very talented Stephanie Rich for Women’s Health Victoria titled ‘Towards gender transformative change: a guide for practitioners.

You can watch a recording from the panel (in which I am sat directly in the way of the projector, thus transforming my forehead into part of the projection experience) below:



‘The Great Pretender’ in Going Down Swinging

I’m jolly well delighted to be included in this year’s Going Down Swinging (which, by-the-by, is GORGEOUS to behold). My story ‘The Great Pretender’ was inspired by a research tangent I spiralled out on during research for The Book of Ordinary People. Rather than doing what I had planned to do, I spent a delightful day in the State Library of Victoria reading about the various pretenders to abolished or usurped thrones across the globe. It was something I’d never considered and was fascinated by: what would life be like for these would-be royals and what if one of them ended up in suburban Australia? Pretenders to the throne – they’re just like us!

Source: Going Down Swinging 2018.

Pigeonholed can be purchased on the GDS website.

how to become a writer (for Annabel Smith’s blog)

If you’ve not checked out the very excellent website of writer Annabel Smith, I highly encourage you to do so.
Annabel is on a mission to de-mystify and normalise the best kept secrets of being a writer – the challenges of making a crumb, how the industry works, the battles we all face to legitimise ourselves in our own eyes as writers. She’s just so grouse.