So close

I am a truly proficient runner up. Things I have been shortlisted for but not won include:

I also placed second in the Aths Day Girls under 16 javelin years ago, which was only because there were about five of us in the competition, only one girl knew how to throw the javelin (gold medal), and everyone else bar me got disqualified for incorrect throws. This is the only time I have ever been praised for sport but clearly was not Prefect-making material.

Despite my long history of being the bridesmaid, I love being shortlisted. I think this is mostly because I don’t ever expect to get a look-in at all. Every shortlist is like an unexpected gift arriving in the mail. Well, like an empty unexpected gift, or maybe one that is addressed to someone else in the house. But still! Such excitement!

Postscript: In the future, instead of an Honourary Doctorate, I would be more than overjoyed to receive an Honourary Prefect-ship. GC, I’m looking at you. Directly at you. I still have my blazer pocket and it is still bereft of badges.

2 thoughts on “So close

  1. I feel your pain, for I too was bumped from the prefects list [1968]….. but, my exclusion gave me street cred [we didn’t say ‘street cred back then, we were too busy listening to excellent music]. Apparently I made the list [voted for by the students [all boys school] but the headmaster didn’t like me so my name disappeared from the final list.
    I got bumped from the first ‘Viva La Novella’ and I coached 7 junior basketball teams that were runners up [5 championships as well…. just saying]. So, I know what it is to come ‘so close’….. my advice to you is to begin drinking heavily [you are old enough to begin drinking heavily, aren’t you?]….. only kidding……. no I’m not.

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