on the shelves and other things that make me happy-cry

Today I assembled a rag-tag team of colleagues (think Ocean’s Eleven, but community workers instead of international criminal masterminds, and three instead of eleven) and marched them to our local Target so that I could watch them buy my book. Seeing my book resting alongside Tim Winton and Graeme Simsion made me want to happy-cry but my colleagues advised me not to for it is a particular breed of person who cries in the local Target at 11:30am. (ie me. Everything makes me cry these days. I am Michael Stipe’s original Shiny Happy person. The shine is from my tears.) Back at the office they asked me to sign their books. As I had been signing petty cash claims earlier I didn’t panic as much as last time.

I arrived home to a lovely review by fellow Pan Maccer Annie Seaton which is full of very kind things and made me teary yet again. I can’t read it again, though I’d like to, as I have to pop off to Wednesday night social netball (it’s fun and fitness!) but you might like to have a gander.

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