(drum roll, please)

I know I kind of ‘unveiled’ my cover a few posts ago but apparently it wasn’t the schmancy final high res version. So let’s all pretend we are my older brother and I opening our gifts on Christmas morning and not let on that we have previously ransacked the house in a fit of ravenous impatience in order to unearth them from their hiding places whilst our parents were out.

Everyone together – OOH! So surprised! This cover is what I’ve always wanted!


The final cover, much to my delight, is a little redder than the previous one I posted. More ‘tomato’ than ‘watermelon’. This prompted discussion in the lunchroom at work about an apparently controversial debate that I have been oblivious to about the true colour of the inner sanctum of a watermelon. Completely without my knowledge, the debate rages about whether it is red or pink. Is this something people have feelings on? It’s pink, right?

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