book 2 (or the novel formerly known as Bogan)

My lovely publisher suggested I blog more and I’ve not heeded this advice because I am lazy and have poor self-marketing skills. BUT seeing as I’m meant to be working on shaping my assorted notes for book two into something coherent, tonight seems like a pretty good time to have a crack at this blogging business.

As you can see from the picture below, at this stage book two consists of a range of printed A4 pages that I have arranged in the manner of ineffective dominoes across my lounge/kitchen floor/tiles. Its working name, which I have long since abandoned, is ‘Bogans, Bacon and Other Reasons for Political Outrage’. Yet to find a replacement title, I have taken to affectionately referring to it as ‘Bogan’. Enough procrastination – back to Bogan.

'Bogan' plot notes.
‘Bogan’ plot notes.

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