a world before podcasts?

I’m not quite sure what I did before podcasts. I’m certain there was something, but I can’t quite recall what. Now I can’t imagine life without them. I’m the person walking down the street seemingly chuckling to myself because you can’t see I’ve actually got ear buds in. Guffawing and tittering like a stylised movie sanatorium escapee as I pound the pavements and hover merrily at the traffic lights.

I’ve found podcasts to be refreshingly helpful for writing too. Once upon a time when I hit a creative roadblock I would go for a walk hoping to find inspiration. More often than not this involved a glum little internal monologue about how I would never write anything decent again, or else end in me listening to the same glum little song on repeat because I was certain it would provide some coded message that would spur me into literary action. [Roll your eyes quietly – we writers are both dramatic and sensitive].

Now when I hit play on a podcast, I forget for a while that I’m meant to be a dreary scribbler schlepping around my cold lonesome garrett, and inevitably return to said garrett ready to take up the metaphorical pen/literal laptop. It’s like those video games where you leech power from your opponents – drawing strength from the creative energy of others. Ba-ba-ba-baaaaaa [that is the sound of Super Mario after he eats the Mega Mushroom and becomes bigger. If you didn’t read it like that or have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m sorry. Let’s all just move into the next paragraph and forget this ever happened.]

At the moment I’m loving these podcasts:

  • The Garrett – Australia’s best writers talking about writing and creativity
  •  Chat 10 looks 3 – Annabel Crabb and Leigh Sales talk books, TV, food and pretty much everything else, while I pretend I’m sitting in the room topping up their Pinot Grigio and helping myself to the dips because we are all friends.
  • The Dollop – An American history podcast in which comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds share interesting/weird/incredible stories from America’s past.

Any new podcast suggestions?

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