Haiku Book Reviews – part 7

The Fighter by Arnold Zable
There’s nothing quite like
a Zable tale of spirit
strength and resilience.

Resurrection Bay by Emma Viskic
Gripping and clever,
it pulls you in firm then stays
with you long after.

Violin Lessons by Arnold Zable
Intricate vast tales,
of people and the things that
drive and define them.

Café Scheherazade by Arnold Zable
Zable’s master of
capturing the importance
of remembering.

Sea of Many Returns by Arnold Zable
Another mighty
Zable fable about life,
leaving and returns.

Skylarking by Kate Mildenhall
Gentle and aching,
a haunting, vivid story
of friendship and loss.

The Natural Way of Things by Charlotte Wood
Brutal and haunting,
a tale of power over
and within females.

Fight Like a Girl by Clementine Ford
Fearless and freeing,
the world needs you, Clementine,
now more than ever.

The Good People by Hannah Kent
Solemn and keening,
a lingering story of
grief, belief and hope.

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