to the coast!

My regular tardiness with posting is about to become even tardier, which I’m delighted to find is an actual word unlike most of the other things that come out of my mouth.

Just like Christmas, the deadline for first submission of book 2 is only 5 weekends away (or approx 40 sleeps, give or take naps and insomnia) so I’m making like a Hollywood movie reformed bank robber come good and heading for the coast! In a 2-door Hyundai Getz rather than a convertible, but they’re practically interchangeable if you squint in the dark or have zero recognition skills with car models.

My plan is to set in place a strict schedule of output and incentive, locking myself away until I’ve reached key editing milestones and rewarding myself with walks on the beach and snacks. Much as you would with a labrador or small child. I will think of you all fondly in my absence. To the coast!

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