soundtrack to many lives

They Might Be GiantsLast night I went to the They Might Be Giants gig at the Forum so I could lose my proverbial and dance around like a demented beatific uncoordinated rhythm maniac. At the risk of sounding like a tween, TMBG are my ALL TIME FAVOURITE #1 BEST ROB-IN-HIGH-FIDELITY-LEVEL-OBSESSED BAND IN THE WORLD EVER EVAAAA!!!!!!!! Dr Worm was my gateway in 1998 and I have been enigmatically trying to dance to them ever since. In many ways they have been one of the driving forces behind my writing, particularly the weirder stuff such as the time I tried to write something channelling Henry Lawson, Dogberry from Much Ado About Nothing and Allen Ginsberg, but set in Australia during the time of the bona fide travellers drinking laws. (Did not work. Will not publish. One for the bonfire. Burn, wretched writing, burn.)

I create playlists whenever I’m writing, particularly for the longer pieces. They help me get back into the mood and headspace I was in during the previous day’s writing, and help me recall the flavours and vision I want the piece to have. The songs conjure up how I want the work to feel and particular songs resonate with particular characters. Sometimes a song will capture perfectly how a character might think or feel or the energy they have. It helps me flesh out their backstory and motivations. Other times the song helps me know how I want my readers to feel after finishing a chapter or the whole piece.

The Bit In Between included:

Book two thus far includes:

And anytime I want to write a sad scene I listen to either Queen’s Save Me or have Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks album mourning in the background.

Do you use music to get you in the writing mood? What do you listen to when you’re writing?

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