Non-book related post aka Street Style Claire Style!

I’ve been meaning to write a blog post entirely unrelated to the book because I’m starting to feel a bit like an overachieving school kid who’s been dining out on one high test score for months. So I wrote this little piece sitting in Fed Square in Melbourne people-watching. This, alongside pretending I’m the one being interviewed on talkback radio of a morning in the car, is one of my favourite things to do.

I’ve often wondered what exactly it would look like if I was featured in one of those ‘street style’ type interviews in the newspaper. You know, the ones where they take a photo of regular trendy civilians and write about their fashion sense. I also recently bought my little brother Richard Ayoade’s book ‘Ayoade on Ayoade’ in which he interviews himself.


Street style! with Claire Varley.

What are you wearing?

My coat was on the bargain rack at a mid-range mass-produced chain store. Whilst backpacking a few years ago it got shat on by pigeons two days in a row at both the Paris Metro and outside the Greenwich observatory. I put it through the washing machine and it’s never been the same.

My shoes are Rollies – their selling point is they are very lightweight. I bought them with ambitions of them enabling me to be the next Gene Kelly but they’re yet to deliver. The red stain on the heel looks like blood but probably isn’t.

I’m wearing a long-sleeve thermal because it’s cold. It’s tucked into my stockings.

My skirt was my mother’s but she didn’t want it anymore. I wear it high-waisted to hide the stocking/thermal party around my middle.

I made this scarf myself. It’s not very good and I’m thinking of gifting it to someone else and making another.

How would you describe your style?

Homely lady-Fagan or penny-pinching off-brand Willy Wonka chic.

Who is your style icon?

Allan Ginsberg if he was dressed almost entirely from my mother’s off casts and wore his beard as a wig.

Thanks for talking to us, Claire.

You’re welcome. Do I get paid for this?

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